My First Blog Post… Ever.

Alright. Let me first start off by saying that I am not a blogger. As a matter of fact, on many occasions I have flat out denied having any real use for a blog. And that is still basically true. Most times I find myself struggling to find enough to say to my friends and family, let alone a bunch of strangers on the Internet. Be that as it may, here I am, staring at a blank page, and writing about how I don’t think I need a blog. So, why am I here?

I feel it is time to try to connect better with the world in which I spend so much of my time and which has come to affect all of our lives so deeply. Yes, I am talking about the Internet, or rather, the Web. But that is merely semantics, right?

So, what am I going to talk about here? I don’t know… You tell me, what do you want to hear about? I have  a loose plan to write about my experiences in software development. I can make no guarantees as to what that might look like, or ultimately amount to, but I hope it will be something good. Again, I look to you for encouragement and suggestions.

What I can tell you is this: There will be heavy focus on Android development here. There are a number of reasons for this: First, I find it most interesting at this point in time, and I spend a lot of time doing it. Second, the Android community has been such a big help to me, and I feel it is time for me to give back to that community. Lastly, and this is somewhat selfish of me but whatever, I feel that Android provides the best opportunity for me to develop a lasting network, and help to drive my career in the way that I want it to.

Aside from Android I also hope to cover other technologies with which I work to varying degrees, including Microsoft .NET, Adobe Flex, and others.

So… Welcome. I hope you find something you can get interested in and I appreciate any comments, suggestions or anything else you might have to say.


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