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LibGDX – Making a Paged Level Selection Screen

Welp, it looks like it has been about a year since my last post, so I figured I’d get something up here before a full year went by. Today, I’ll be going over some code I put together to make a paged level selection screen with LibGDX’s Scene2D package. I endearingly refer to this as Angry Birds style, but it’s obviously not exclusive to Angry Birds and has found it’s way into countless games and apps. Anyway, continuing on…

First of all, a screenshot of what we will be making. Note, I am not an artist, so I will just be using the basic skin as can be found in the LibGDX Tests project. You’ll obviously want to use your imagination to make it nicer looking.



There, isn’t that nice? Still pictures don’t really do it justice but I am on a time limit here so they’ll have to do.
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