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Changes Coming Soon

I realize I have been neglecting this blog, and since it is currently set as the default site for nEx.Software that doesn’t look very good. I am in the beginning stages of a redesign and a refocusing of the site. I plan to put more of a focus on nEx.Software as a company as opposed to nEx.Software as a blog since I clearly haven’t been the most attentive blogger around.

Stay tuned.

Announcement: Android 1.5 and nEx.Software Apps

We at nEx.Software feel strongly about Android, and we want to see it evolve. For SOME of the world, Android HAS evolved. The release of Android 1.6 in October of 2009 brought Android to a new level in many ways, and we feel that this is a step in the right direction. The fact that there are still phones being released based on Android 1.5 (Motorola CLIQ [T-Mobile], Samsung Behold II [T-Mobile], Samsung Moment [Sprint], HTC Hero [Sprint], HTC Droid Eris [Verizon], and even a Motorola device rumored to be coming out in 2010 [Unknown]) is counterproductive to this evolution. While we do understand that it takes time to update something as big as an operating system, and this is especially true when dealing with custom user interfaces and functionalities, there needs to be a sense of urgency coming from manufacturers and carriers.
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