Announcement: Android 1.5 and nEx.Software Apps

We at nEx.Software feel strongly about Android, and we want to see it evolve. For SOME of the world, Android HAS evolved. The release of Android 1.6 in October of 2009 brought Android to a new level in many ways, and we feel that this is a step in the right direction. The fact that there are still phones being released based on Android 1.5 (Motorola CLIQ [T-Mobile], Samsung Behold II [T-Mobile], Samsung Moment [Sprint], HTC Hero [Sprint], HTC Droid Eris [Verizon], and even a Motorola device rumored to be coming out in 2010 [Unknown]) is counterproductive to this evolution. While we do understand that it takes time to update something as big as an operating system, and this is especially true when dealing with custom user interfaces and functionalities, there needs to be a sense of urgency coming from manufacturers and carriers.

It is our opinion that, as long as applications are being made to support Android 1.5, there is no true drive for the manufacturers to upgrade their users’ devices. But what would happen if users of those devices were unable to access many of the applications in the Market (undoubtedly, this is the case already)? Surely, that would create the sense of urgency that seems to be missing at this time. We cannot have users missing out on the evolution of Android simply because the manufacturers and/or carriers don’t see a need or don’t think that those features are necessary for a certain device. This is an unacceptable approach to Android, in our opinion.

Accordingly, we have decided to no longer support Android 1.5 in the Android Market. We propose that other developers, who are able to do so, do the same in an effort to exact change. We are aware that there are many developers who cannot or will not follow in this decision, and we respect their decision whatever they choose. This is the path we have chosen to take.

We will be updating all of our applications currently available in the Android Market to require Android 1.6. We will however, try to move Android 1.5 versions into the alternative markets (such as AndAppStore and SlideME), and, where it makes sense to do so, we will distribute the Android 1.5 versions from our website.

You may be asking “Why not Android 2.0?” and to that we have to bring up the fact that ONLY ONE device is currently running Android 2.0, and as of the time of this announcement Google has given no indication that Android 2.0 will be made available in the Android Open Source Project anytime soon. While it is true that manufacturers may have or get access to Android 2.0, the fact remains that we have seen no commitment from these manufacturers that they will in fact update existing devices (HTC has announced via Twitter that the Hero will receive an update 2.0, but failed to mention anything about Dream and/or Sapphire devices).

10 Responses to “Announcement: Android 1.5 and nEx.Software Apps”

  • I feel your pain. I will be releasing Smart Lock before too long and it will require 1.6 because it requires API’s that aren’t in 1.5. I certainly have concerns that people buying new phones won’t be able to run my app. I’m sure this will create some uncomfortable PR.

    PS you have a typo. ONLE should be ONLY.

  • admin says:

    DOH! Thanks for catching that, I’ve fixed it now.

  • Mike says:

    I understand your point on wanting to do this. But with 1.6 only hitting the streets 6 weeks ago don’t you think that you should continue supporting apps already written for 1.5 given that very few phones have 1.6+? Your customer base is going to be very small.

  • admin says:

    We will be supporting 1.5 versions, but we will not be supporting them in the Android Market. As far as customer base goes, we provide almost all of our applications for free (only BarTor is a priced application) so customer base being small is of little true concern to us at this stage. Perhaps this will prompt users to explore other markets that they might not have previously been to, thus helping those markets and potentially those users.

    We appreciate your comment.

  • Thank you for the post. I will want to read more from you.

  • l3reak says:

    Aw, I found out about Bartor and it looked pretty exciting, only to find out that you’re not supporting 2.0? There may be only one 2.0 device, but hundreds of thousands of people are using it and it’s a big opportunity to miss out on. HTC Hero devices are getting 2.0 in the first half of next year, other devices will surely come before too long as well, and even 2.1 is now looming. You’ll have to update it to a 2.0 version eventually.

  • admin says:

    BarTor is now available on Verizon devices.

  • JewsOnIce says:

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  • Muoi Heck says:

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  • JewsOnIce says:

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